Janet Yellen, the Former Federal Chair between 2014 and 2018 has not been a supporter of Bitcoin (BTC), but that did not stop an individual called Raz to send BTC to Yellen as a gift.

Details were shared by Raz on Reddit through the username ‘dwbdwb.’ The below screenshot shows that a total of  0.0031642 BTC which is equivalent of $20 was sent. Janet Yellen replied to the lovely gesture by Raz via Email by saying, “Thanks so much for the gift!” Maybe “to know it” will be “to love it.”

The proof of the payment was also attached in the Reddit post:


Biterica was used for the transaction. Biterica is a website which allows Bitcoin to be sent as a gift to anyone with an email address. The BTC address is not needed, and thus can be a surprise gift to people during birthdays and other special occasions. Biterica is a step towards mainstream adoption of BTC amongst people who don’t have their own Bitcoin wallets and have no idea what Bitcoin is. A gift of BTC may result in a person researching what Bitcoin is to claim their reward.

Janet Yellen has not been a strong supporter of Bitcoin. A few days ago Yellen spoke at the Canada Fintech Forum outlining concerns she has with Bitcoin, which included price volatility, investor risks and dangers of hacking. The video of her five minute speech can be seen in the following Twitter post by Francis Pouliot, the CEO of Satoshi Portal.

The gift may be a mere $20 but might change Yellen’s stance on Bitcoin. Her reply by email to the gift suggests that to love Bitcoin someone may have to first use it. If this gesture changes Yellen’s mind about Bitcoin, it will be a positive step forward for the overall cryptocurrency market.

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